Follow the current lines at the beginning of every contribution, the order of these lines is important

Title: … Contributor: …

Type: chose one of the current list - descriptions - interviews, testimonies, voices - instructions, scores - statements and demands - essays and reflections - vision and ideas - data, dates, adresses, - snippets - artistic contributions - recipes - astrology - tipps & tricks - tools & resources - conversation? story - manifesto

FP-Keywords: chose one of the current list: - solidarity - relationality - ethics and transparency - accesibilty - ecology

T-Keywords: create tags according to your choice, these words will appear in the index

textet xet txet inline tag rest of the paragraph

Here is an example on how that looks like applied on a contribution:

Title: wanderings on rest Contributor: Justine Maxelon Nicolas Galeazzi Eline de Clercq Zodiac: Capricorn Type: Description essays and reflection FP-Keyword: relationality solidarity T-Keywords: rest

Important remarks: - Be aware, if you want to list more than one word, person, topic, tag you need to do it with a line-break and 4 spaces before. - Only after the metadata make two line-breaks - To check, if you put in the meta-data correctly, you can click on the read-mode. Besides the title the whole meta-data should appear on the right side next to the text. If it appears in the text there is something wrong in the format. Check for mistakes!