• Education: “What happens after” develop strategies collectively What would it look like if the art field would create a warm welcoming party to the new artists instead of the school organising a goodbye party (the masters exhibition or presentation). Ongelijkheid / inequality keeps existing because of for instance rich kids that don’t need to search for a parttime job

    Being a collective is not easy, schools are not preparing for this and the kunstendecreet is not “made” for this. HOW TO WORK TOGETHER?

The party will be included in the almanac

  • Big institutions: no solidarity from structurally funded organisations - everyone protects its own habitat. everyone is struggeling and some are struggeling in distress.

They also have a responsibility in sharing knowledge and experience to young artists

  • “The crisis”?: Not only financially struggeling also on a pycholocal level. it is also an age thing. if you are not connected or not havethe right age, itis difficult to keep your focus going. emergin artist - is not about age. due to the crisis everyone is becoming emerging. how can i be part of a solution? creating a supportive community.

Other opportunities then “artistic” to create money, within their field. Creating an educational platform (evening schools for instance or linked to other institutions) where you can share your practice. The educational platform is not as narrow as only workshops, “how do we allow kids to be creative”. Implement artists in business environments for instance.

It would also be interesting to offer something instead of being asked to do something for lets say the Flanders government. (Experience was also that it is or can be frustrating to use the artistic potential or talent to create money) This also feels individual, how to survive in a place where there is more money while it is also a problem that support from the government is too low.

Workshops are also quite impossible now, because schools don’t allow externals anymore.

Often we stress on emerging artist, who do not have that many options to enter the field yet, but how do you deal with psychological difficulties if you are not emerging anymore?

flanders DC - contacting artists with business field. diversification of your practice?

-preparing student to enter the field. if there is not enough subventiions, we tend to individualise the problem - i have to figure out on my own how to make ends meet. how to make money with making and showing your work? artist doesn ot seem to like to share this kind of knowledge. — how to put our resources togheter?

more support in shools to develop strategeis in how to colectivise resources. what would happen if the art field makes a warm welcome for the new artists where they share how to create and produce and present, ....

  • SPACE: Rent is expensive for a building without heating, would be nice if there is a collective building where we can deal with sharing knowledge and struggles and create collectives

  • Diversity: as sota and within the field

    In big institutions the structure is still there and gets copied so its a self destructing Art shouldnt be eletist and there are other forms possible Connection to other fields

  • Commissions: Gate keeper pos is problematic Can this be collectively organised?

SOTA: The outcome vs. The talks are sometimes dissapointing in means of community building, creating collective spaces and so on.

-celebration - warm welcome to new artists coming from shools ----- celebration + sharing of knowledge on how to enter the field. continue imagining this event - maybe this is something sota can be organisingv - KASK-almanac students are reflecting on this - make feel that you enter a community and not a competition. mentorship - for emering artists enteringthe field

What resources are comming to the field, the centralization of this event could work as starting a community instead of a “commercial” market.

Collective mentorship within the field > new artists comming to the field (and this carework can also be paid work)

mental health of artists - how to take care of that? not getting recognition from society - not having income, not having work — we need a care-unit

community is the way !!!!!!