SOS Relief is one year old!

To mark this occasion, we are hosting a webinar {link to event}, open to those who have already participated in the tool as much as those who are curious to know more. The focus of the webinar is to outline what SOS Relief is, where it came from and what it has achieved, and to collectively think about what it can become. We are inviting guest speakers from similar initiatives, both locally and globally, to talk about their experiences in relation to wealth redistribution, trust, and solidarity in their specific contexts, as well as participants from the SOS Relief tool to talk about how the tool affects them, what they perceive as its merits and possibilities for change.

The Program

10.00am - Introduction about SOS Relief
10.20am - Presentation of and conversation with sister projects of SOS Relief: Banu Cennetoglu and Esra Aysun (Omuz), Elli Vassalou and Joan Somers Donelly (Urgent Embrace by Globe Aroma), as well as Rudi Laermans and Wouter Hillaert
11.15am - Breakout Rooms
11.45am - Roundup Chat
12.00-12.30 - Informal Hang out

Breakout Rooms

  1. Institutions + Organisation // What could the role of institutions be in the organisation of solidarity (initiatives)?
  2. Personal Experiences // How did your experience with these initiatives influence you and your way of thinking in the world?
  3. The (Practical) Future // How to imagine on a practical level the future of these 3 initiatives?
  4. Trust and Anonymity // What is the role of trust and anonymity in solidarity initiatives?
  5. Radical Alternatives // What could be the radical alternatives to our current ways of organising?