A mutual
support system for rest

By The Rest Team

What you need

  1. a group of two people minimum (the more, the cheerier)
  2. a defined day, afternoon, moment to commit to rest regularly
  3. a simple way to communicate and identify who needs what to rest and how someone can support this rest

How does it work?

We – and the contexts we live in – are all different, therefore, it’s necessary to acknowledge our entangled, but asymmetric situations and identify what each person or all people involved need for rest. Make a list, think or meditate on it, use the tools you have or create new ones to help you find out what you need to rest, and how others can help you allow for it.

Share your needs clearly and shamelessly with your mutual rest group and see who can help out. Of course, not all needs will be able to be fulfilled, but sometimes an acknowledgement of needs is a first step. Sometimes needs can be fullfilled artistically, metaphorically or as yet unexpected, creative ways.

Define a day which becomes your regular rest day and take turns supporting rest or receiving support in rest. Figure out what rotation system works for you.

Do you want to allow for equal rest of everyone involved?

Or is an unequal share desirable due to the situatedness of each participant?

This mutual system could be implemented in collaborations, neighbourhoods, institutions, relationship, friendship-or kinship-circles.