Landing in the day

By The Rest Team


Eline De Clercq

Find a comfortable place to sit in your chosen resting space. Close your eyes, and repeat – if you like – the process of waking up at a very slow pace. First, just open your eyelids to a very thin slice. Appreciate whatever light is falling onto your eyeballs. Feel like all other senses are following in the same way.

Open your eyelid a little bit more and become aware it’s a day, that day, today. Become aware you are sitting in that day. Appreciate it. Then focus on your sonic environment, open your ears fully. Listen to the outside, to the horizon.

Only then open your eyes fully.

Run your eyes over the outside lines of the present objects close and far, list the colours you see, savour the scents you smell” acknowledge the sounds you hear and the textures you feel. Move around and find another position to allow for another perspective and repeat.

If you feel you and your senses landed in your place, listen for your intuition to guide you towards what needs to be changed to make this place a more restful space.

Sometimes moving the sofa around lets the energies flow differently in your space. Sometimes lighting candles and incense soothes your senses. Sometimes taking objects away or placing them differently reduces or redirects outside stimuli. Sometimes it is as simple as changing clothes. Sometimes nothing needs to be changed and you just acknowledge that everything is good and restful as it is.

This score is inspired by the Telepathic Retreat of oracle in collaboration with Rasa Alksnyte. Quotes are from original score of the Telepathic Retreat.