Juist is Juist

By Juist is Juist

Work has value. This also applies to the arts sector. Arts organisations and art sector workers should be able to work correctly: via fully-fledged subsidisation, correct payment, good working conditions and transparent collaborations. Juist is Juist helps you translate good intentions into concrete practice.

Juist is Juist defines clear and fair principles and practice for collaborations in the arts sector. It does so for all disciplines: the performing arts, music (from pop to classical), the visual and audiovisual arts. Thanks to Juist is Juist, all who create, perform, exhibit, curate and are in residence have access to information about correct employment relationships. This applies to all parties concerned: clients and contractors, producers and coproducers, venues and performers.

Knowledge platform & toolbox

Juist is Juist is a knowledge platform with a toolbox that gives you the tools needed to enter into a partnership on an equal basis. Juist is Juist takes into account that fair practices can differ depending on the context – without calling into question basic legal and solidarity principles.

Juist is Juist consists of two parts:

  1. A guiding framework with general principles and agreements.
  2. A toolbox with instruments that all in the sector can use to make negotiations more transparent and easy: tools to facilitate the principles and agreements. These are easy-to-use instruments that empower everyone involved to start an (artistic) collaboration in an informed manner.