The song of bees

By Annemie Maes

A bee is a bee is a bee
Flying into the Open Fields
Hunting & Collecting
Inspecting Forms in Nature
Alchemy, Geometry
Open Greens unfolding
according to the golden ratio.

A queen, a drone, a worker bee
50.000 sisters are doin’ it for themselves
Fifty thousand bees experienced today in a different way
Everything is different and everything is still the same
a bee is a bee is a bee

Language & Communication Pheromones. Symbiosis with Nature.

Habits habits habits
the regulation of the hive
Queen and workers keep up the balance
Let it be quiet, let it be functional
Give peace a chance
Scent, fragrance, smell, perfume
Warm & sensual, sweaty & bubbling with activity
50.000 bodies in a tiny box
Flowers fields ask for waggle dances in the dimmed light of the hive
Body language
Alchemical formulas between
Queens and drones, supported by the workers
Symbiose, relationship between honey bees and plants.

Flightlines. Navigation. Fieldwork. Foraging Flowers. Garden.

Materials. Architecture. Macrocosm. Microcosm.

the appropriation of public space,
food security, dealing with sustainable cities
the experimental hortus, the open-air laboratorium
from medicinal qualities of plants to local traditions

Observation Politics of Change

Language. Matter. Pulsing vibrations.
Shiva-like 3 pairs of legs.
Thrilling bass-drones.
Costume dramas, hats with veils
Ceci n’est pas une pipe
Smoke and gloves

Lights on/off. Creating your own weather.
Infra-red. From Pink to Red.
A plant. A storm. Sounds. Drones.
Crackling bee legs on the contact microphones.

I sing to you about flowers and colours and smells
Frenzy wild things
With fragile bodies
Wandering in the wilderness
The confusion of the hive
Shadows move along ladders
The act of binding and bonding
Opaque forms of tranparency
Flowers shine stronger than the sun
Heat & Sweat – Senses, sensorial
A Collective Song
Without control.

The song of bees Annemie Maes