How to collaborate with each other and the more-than-humans that surround us in an artistic practice?

By Gosie Vervloessem, Christina Stadlbauer, Maria Lucia Cruz-Correia, Marialena Marouda Bartaku, An Mertens & Lucia Palladino

The purpose of United Federation of Planets (UFP), a vast interstellar alliance founded on the principles of equality, justice and peaceful co-existence in the Star Strek universe, is furthering the universal rights of all sentient life. Within UFP, federation members exchange knowledge and resources to facilitate peaceful cooperation and mutual defence. We proposed this model to artists working with more-than-human life forms as a way to organise and collaborate with each other and the more-than-humans that surround us. The UFP could be a blueprint for a State of The Arts Supra-Natural. A first excercise contained in making cards for and about the collaborations with the more-than-human that exist already in our artistic practices. How can we extend these collaborations into the political realm of SOTA? The cards are meant to be playing cards, inspired by Pokemon-cards. This is a first step in setting up an extended/more-than-human SOTA.


Water is not simply a metaphor for the womb; it has also provided the womb’s very condition of possibility and continues to leak into our human wombs, in various extended traces. May we honour water in all its many manifestations. in our bodies. in our homes. in our rivers. in our hotels. and glasses. in our mouth. in our toilets. in our showers. water is sacred.