online resources for artist-parents

By Charlotte Gruber

  • Artists Raising Kids Compendium by Artist-Parent Index. Free 45 page PDF publication by artist Andrew Simonet listing indispensable practical and concise guidance on how to maneuver being an artist parent. Based on an intensive qualitative study interviewing artist-parents. AND: Artist-Parent Index. Searchable database of artists making work about reproduction and child-rearing, with an ongoing open call for contributions.

  • Representation of Female Artists in Britain. Free 31 page PDF revealing results of a five year qualitative study conducted by Dr. Kate Mcmillan with the Freelands Foundation, UK, including ‘Full, Messy and Beautiful’ an interrogation on motherhood by Hettie Judah.

  • Artist/Mother. Podcast launched in 2018 by Kaylan Buteyn. The website also offers an online network, courses and retreats, documentation of exhibitions curated by the community (connected to their Stay Home Gallery Residencies mentioned on p. 153), a newsletter and merch.

  • Mothers in Arts. Facebook group and former residency programme initiated by Hungarian, Netherlands-based artist and mother Csilla Klenyanszki, publishing relevant articles and calls. Currently inactive since November 2021. facebook #mothers-in-arts

  • Pregnant then Screwed. US initiative launched by the author of The Motherhood Penalty, Joeli Brearley in 2015. Rich website offering a number of resources and support programmes such as trainings, mental health help, membership, a space to share testimonies, information events on all kinds of topics regarding the politically problematic predicament of women in the US (and elsewhere), organisation of growing community of Motherhood activism and an annual conference on Motherhood rights.

  • Artist and Mother on MotherMag. Free 57 minute documentary on the discrimination of mother-artists by Jori Finkel.

  • Who Does She think She Is? Five Women Striving to Balance their Artistic Pursuits with Raising Children. Full, award-winning film documentary by Pamela Tanner Boll from 2016. $6,99 per view on Reelhouse.

  • Sustainable Arts Foundation

  • ProCreate Project

  • Cultural ReProducers

  • m/other voices