What artist-parents can do for artist residencies

By cultural reproducers & sustainable arts foundation

Communicate what you need

What specifically would make a residency work for you? Ask questions ahead of time, be upfront and be comfortable with getting a ‘No’. Ask in a non-bossy, non-entitled way!

Be a partner

Help to make places parent and kid-friendly. Don’t just ask for resources to support artist-parents, help gather those resources. A residency needs help with scheduling for artist-parents? Offer to lend a hand. A residency has no FAQ for artist-parents? Draft one with them. Have an idea for an artist-parent residency? Find partners and make it happen.

Share your experiences

Share positive experiences with the residency staff, with other artist-parents and with the residency’s board and funders. Let people know the impact of the residency and any parent-friendly aspects. Share constructive criticism in a positive, honest way with residency staff.

Build community with artist-parents

We are our own best resource, our most important constituency and community. There is wisdom, information and resources in our networks. There are great national networks to join and local conversations to build.