What artist
residencies can do for artist-parents

By cultural reproducers & sustainable arts foundation

Minimal expenses and capacity

“so simple, why wouldn’t we?”

  • Be explicit in your materials about what you can and cannot do to work with artist-parents
  • Make an artist-parent FAQ, or add artist-parents questions to your FAQ

Some expense and capacity

“we make adjustments for artist-parents”

  • Allow shorter stays for artist-parents: a week, four days, a weekend
  • Allow artist-parents to choose start dates
  • Create a come-and-go residency, allowing time to be spent both at the residency and at home as necessary
  • Survey artist-parents who have attended your residency and ask about their experiences
  • Ask a parent-alum to be a contact for questions from artist-parents
  • Put an artist-parent on a programme committee or advisory board
  • Tell artist-parents you are willing to work – within your capacity – to meet their needs

Significant expense and capacity

“we make concerted efforts to accommodate parents”

  • Provide childcare on site
  • Provide reimbursement for childcare on site or at the artist’s home
  • Provide accommodation for artist child(ren)
  • Provide accommodation for artist’s co-parent, relative or caregiver
  • Create a family residency period when all residents bring family members
  • Make a family ‘art camp’ combining residencies for parents with kids’ art camp

The Sustainable Arts Foundation

Support artists and writers with children. We make annual unrestricted cash awards to individuals; at least half of these awards are made to applicants of colour. We also support artist residencies in their efforts to make their programmes more family friendly. www.sustainableartsfoundation.org

Cultural Reproducers

A creative platform, a web resource, an event series, and a community-based project founded in 2012 by artist and mother Christa Donner, with the increasing involvement of many others. www.culturalreproducers.org