About artist-parenthood

By Sophie Whetton

With the challenges of motherhood, there came a shift in my mentality towards my artistic work. I realised with the new time constraints that I had, I would have to adapt my work to these limitations. It was a relief to accept what time, energy and financial aid I had to give and try to see possibility in it. still_isolated_here-whetton-bw-sharp.jpg I decided the medium must fit my possibilities; my practise must adjust to me and I should not put myself under pressure to produce the same type of work that I did pre-child. Photography became my medium of choice due to its fast result and its nature of documentation. Phone photography, I find, is a democratic medium – one that requires little technical ability – and the ease of your phone being with you helps you capture spontaneous moments. So, you can be working, looking and thinking as you move about your daily routine. I searched out images around the home that were small yet monumental and it gave me the opportunity to look and look again. The Polaroid medium, which I used for the series “Still Isolated, Here”, required more time and research, but it gave me the possibility to feel like I was painting again: I could play with texture and colour without a studio, paint, or hours of time.

photo by Sophie Whetton