New Moon Meditation

Mother Wound

By Taylor Ursula

This new moon reminds us that we all carry a Mother wound: We see The Mother as all-encompassing and all-powerful, and yet The Mother has needs and desires too. The Mother is just as complex and as human and as hungry as we are. The Mother is both idolised and demonised, put on a pedestal, and torn asunder. We ask of the Mother, and we wait – inevitably, unduly disappointed: a trust is broken, and a relationship betrayed.

So too is the moon, just as ravenous and expectant as we are. We can look back and see the Moon, the Mother as a sovereign entity, a complex creature, with needs and disappointments.

Many of us bear witness to this deconstruction at various points in our lives. Poise comes to us when we recognise where we have been left hungry and how we learned to create food ourselves – one steady flame at a time. Honour the Moon by showing her all that you’ve accepted. Invite your Mother wound to wail, to unload its burdens. Coax the ghosts from the shadows and invite them into the light. Be whole and be seen.

This new Moon needs intimacy. It needs to know that you are willing to look at your troubles with an open and optimistic heart. This New Moon needs us to take our gifts, our expressions and our inner light seriously and to weave the healing of our Mother wound into our legacy.

excerpt from “The Many Moons Lunar Planner 2022”, 2022