Pointed cabbage in tiny sauce

By Joris Vermeir

Every (art) space has a little shared cooking corner. It may be just a sink, a fridge and a stove to put your Bialetti on. That’s quite OK. Are you working in public space, or let’s say, on the beach? Even better! Take advantage of the weather and take your camping stove outside. A griddle over heat is all it takes to grill cabbage. You can add fennel and any other vegetables that are in season. See also the June recipe.

Pointed cabbage is a good thing. Surely if you grill it. Cut the cabbage in slices. Blanch them for a minute in salted boiling water. Or don’t if you cut fine slices and like more bite. Drain if you blanched. Grill them any way you like: in the oven, in a hot pan, on a griddle or a bbq. Add some spice with dried chili flakes. Drizzle oil over them.

Works also with fennel!

Make a quick tahini sauce: mix together a few spoons of white tahini (sesame paste), a splash of lemon, pepper and salt, oil (olive or colza), add a few drops of water. Add miso for extra depth. Throw it in a blender. Done.