A Feminist Handbook

By Nicolas Galeazzi

I can’t remember when and where I came across this handbook but it is on my desktop, standing there for deep wish and a reminder. A deep wish dreaming of the gentle, smooth, critical, pleasureful, productive yet peaceful organism of different people that want to be and create together. Of course, I wish for an organisation without – not beyond – conflicts. Of course, I know conflicts are part of this becoming. But when I’m walking into my dream, opening that door to the space beyond with friendly faces, continuing what they are doing while recognising me and asking what’s up, how are you, I can answer whatever is in my heart and in my head just at that very moment. At least someone is carefully and empathetically listening, and someone else is adding her story of the day, and I feel privileged to be able to listen to this story. I see myself walking on, towards a board where I can read which stories are there, who is working on what and where I could step in. Then the most amazing thing is happening: it starts to work. My brain, my heart, feet, ear, hands all interconnected and willing to give myself into the mess, I will do without stress, I will become a ‘we’ with my peers, I will be careful for the surrounding and playfully collaborate with it – what a dream!! Sometimes I might even come close to it.

What are the conditions that create such situations? Each place might have to find these components by itself, but some places go through great experience with it and I will be very happy to hear about it. One of these places is the Women’s Centre for Creative Work, which I have never visited nor contacted. It’s somewhere on the other side of the world, and one day I held the handbook in my hand and my dream undolded to something much bigger. When naming something, you assume it’ll be bigger than your own thoughts and may climb up to as very difficult. The words you chose will only describe assumptions – a vision needs to be more concrete. However, without throwing your gut feelings into the air you will never build the fundament for a future. The Feminist’s Organisations Handbook helps me to dream.


Download and read at womenscenterforcreativework.com