Make Space!

By Nicolas Galeazzi

AS SAME AS DIFFERENT! As simple as it sounds, I don’t understand this common paradox in everything. Gathering or separating things is always and only a question of perspective and my two hearts watch both at the same time. Making space is a form of organising: inclusion and separation. We can do it with a door and a key, a wall, or a spell, or we can do it based on trust: difference is a need and i can be motivated by the pleasure of survival. In this chapter we look at making space as a form of expanded sharing:

In the house of Taurus, we enter the ecology of SPACE and its CROWD. From claiming space to its (self-)organisation, to the ‘change from within’, there are three contributions that take different stands on institutional critique and offer suggestions on how to take care of transformation.

This month is a collection of practical perspective and proposals on how to play space for art and share it with people.

Space is created by us or is there for us to create. We have looked into what it means to be in charge of its sustenance or occupation; we looked into established spaces that need to challenge their meaning, empty spaces that only have meaning once you create them. Spaces full of experience and possibility that give space wings; we want to share what we found with you:

In the first contribution, Guillaume Clermont discusses his curatorial practice with Piero Bisello on using public space to present art to the public simply.

The second contribution is based on the wish to come up with tools to empower members of a collective – instead of empowering an organisation to include members.

The third contribution is written from the perspective of attempting horizontal organisation and tells stories on how to make it possible. Simon Baetens’ “guide for sharing time and space” gathers inspiration and insight on how it worked for a handful of peer organisations.

Enjoy your reading and enjoy whatever you pick from it to try in your own practice!