The Fair Kin Arts Almanac’s Recipes

By Joris Vermeir


This almanac is actually a cook book


There’s always a good way for doing things

Some advice:

  1. Find your ingredients somewhere near you.
  2. There’s lots of neighbourhood community plots of land where you can grow your own or get a subscription on vegetables, herbs and sometimes flowers.
  3. There are plenty of local and socially inspired producers.
  4. Getting your groceries in a local and organic shop is easy to do.
  5. Good food initiatives are sprouting everywhere. Do a little research and you’ll find what you need.
  6. Go easy on yourself. Have your kitchen closet filled with basic things: rice, pasta, lentils, grains, oatflakes, miso, mustard, tahina, chickpeas, canned tomatoes, all kinds of nuts, vinegar, colza-, sunflower-, olive- and other kinds of oil… But most of all: a lot of dried herbs and even more spices. Adding these last two is the high way to pimp even the simplest thing.

And one more thing: add a simple sauce to everything you serve. Think a simple vinaigrette. A tablespoon of miso or tahina mixed with spices, oil and a splash of water.